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Datival and Northleigh

Datival and Northleigh

DATIVAL is the codename for the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks on 3rd June 2017.

NORTHLEIGH is the codename for the Grenfell Tower fire on 14th June 2017.

From the dropdown menu select the incident you were involved in, either DATIVAL or NORTHLEIGH. If you attended both incidents select the one incident that has most held your attention in the last week and click ‘Attended Both’ to the right below.

To learn about the psychological response to these operations we are asking you to complete this questionnaire on how you have responded the one that you were involved in. It should take no more than 10 minutes. This will inform us of the most appropriate ways to support police officers following these and future critical incidents. As this is designed to support police officers themselves we ask that you answer truthfully and completely.