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Informed Consent

High quality research depends on willing and honest participation so data will be stored on STAGE-28’s encrypted servers where your information is stored away from your employer or organisation. These questionnaires should take no more than five minutes to complete. If you change your mind during the course of the research project let us know to have your data deleted. Click the link for the downloadable Participant Information Sheet Download here.

Click this box to say you consent to take part *
Two initials plus 4-digit birthday and month For example: for Joe Smith born 24/08/77 enter: ‘JS2408’
Age: *
Gender Identity: *
Current status: *
Is there a job that your mind keeps returning to that you still find upsetting? *

If Yes:

Would you be willing to talk to others who were there, if they were willing to do so? *
Would you be willing to meet them online in a group video setting? *
Did you avoid being reminded of this experience by staying away from certain places, people or activites? *
Did you lose interest in activities that were once important or enjoyable? *
Did you begin to feel more isolated or distant from other people? *
Did you find it hard to have love or affection for other people? *
Did you begin to feel that there was no point planning for the future? *
After this experience were you having more trouble than usual falling asleep or staying asleep? *
Did you become jumpy or get easily startled by ordinary noises or movements? *

Please check the e-mail address you inserted is accurate. If you do not want to be identified by it ask someone else to let you use theirs and have them forward future e-mails to you.

Please read the following questions carefully and answer by clicking on the appropriate radio-button. Anything you would like to tell us you can type here, or at the end. Click NEXT to continue.